How to Get the Paint Roller to Stay on the Handle

Painting the walls or other large surfaces of your home is a time-consuming process. Once you are ready to paint, you don't want to deal with paint rollers that fall off the handle while you are working hard. This happens more often when painting rough finishes, such as stucco, but it may occur anytime if you purchase a cheap paint roller and frame. Selecting quality tools is vital to be able to work efficiently and produce a professional looking paint job.

A quality paint roller and frame won't come part while you are working.

Step 1

Pick the best quality paint roller frame or handle you can afford. This may seem unnecessary but it aids your efficiency while working. Select the frame with a heavy-gauge wire compression cage. This allows it to grip the paint roller effectively. Another option is to choose a frame with an expandable metal ring. This grips the paint roller well and prevents it from falling off.

Step 2

Purchase a paint roller that is designed for the type of project you are painting. For instance, foam or polyurethane roller covers work well with latex and semi-gloss paints. They do not cause stippling or leave lint residue behind. Synthetic rollers are most appropriate for solvent and water-based adhesives or epoxies. Choose a short pile for smooth surfaces and longer piles for textured walls or other areas.

Step 3

Look for bearings on the end of the paint roller frame. This allows the roller cover to move smoothly along the surface.

Step 4

Inspect the core of the paint roller cover. If it is a cardboard cover it may absorb the paint and get soft. This may cause it to fall off the frame more easily with repeated use. Select a plastic core that is impervious to the paint, if possible.

Step 5

Slide the paint roller onto the metal cage and listen for it to snap in place. It may be difficult at first, but the wires compress and allow it to slip tightly over the cage.

Step 6

Look at the paint roller to check that it is evenly set on the roller frame. This ensures that it won't fall off.