Why Won't My Bissell 2X Pro Heat Spray?

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If the 2X ProHeat doesn't spray, you can't get the carpet clean.

You've spent close to $300 for a new Bissell ProHeat carpet cleaning machine, or perhaps you've borrowed one from a friend. After reading the instructions carefully you begin cleaning your carpet. The first few minutes go fine but then you notice that the cleaning has turned more into moving wet dirt around on the carpet. Whether this happens the first time you use the machine or the fiftieth time, it's frustrating when the sprayer stops working and you are left with a piece of equipment that can't be used.


Empty Bladder

When you fill the bladder with water it may seem like a lot, but you may be surprised at the amount of water that runs through the sprayer. It is very possible that the only problem is that the bladder is empty -- simply fill it again with more hot tap water.


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Empty Cleaning Formula Bottle

One of the key 'tells' that your cleaning solution bottle is empty is the reduction of the fresh scent as you are cleaning. Depending on how much liquid you spray and how often you spray it, the cleaning formula may last for one room's worth of cleaning or a few rooms. Check the fluid level by looking at the outside of the bottle, as removing a bottle that still has fluid in it could end up spilling cleaning solution all over the machine and your carpet.

Pump Loses Prime

As with all pumps, the pump on the Bissell 2X ProHeat needs to be primed. If there is air in the pump where water should be, as there was when the machine was used for the first time, you should turn the cleaner off and wait for one minute. Then turn the machine back on and press the spray trigger.


Broken Pump Belt

The belt that powers the pump is activated when you turn the machine on. If the pump belt has broken or snapped there will be no water being moved from the bladder to the spray nozzles. To check for a broken pump belt open the belt access door by inserting a flathead screwdriver into the upper slot on the door to release the snap. Look inside and you will see the belt, which should be looped around the motor shaft. If it isn't replace the belt.


Clogged Filter

The flow indicator filter helps keep solid particles out of the sprayer tubes and nozzles. Occasionally, this filter becomes clogged with small particles to the point where water can't pass through it. Ideally the filter should be cleaned after every use. Remove the cap and lift out the red rotor and white filter. Rinse all parts in tap water and return them to their original positions.


Hard Water

The filter indicator filter screens out solid particles but if you are in a home with hard water calcium or lime deposits can accumulate in the hoses and on the sprayer, where they collect and dry. During each use of the machine more deposits build up until the hoses or nozzles become clogged. Use a calcium or lime remover to clear these mineral deposits and restore your sprayer.



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