How to Get Rid of Cinder Blocks

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After remodeling a house or building, you might have leftover building supplies, including used cinder blocks. Or, perhaps you found the blocks in an out building that you're finally cleaning out. Whatever the circumstance, if the cinder blocks are in good condition, they might still be usable for someone else. But just exactly how do you get rid of these heavy construction items?


Fortunately, whether they are usable or not, several disposal options are available. Here's how to get rid of cinder blocks:

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1. Take the Cinder Blocks to a Local Landfill

Dispose of your used cinder blocks at your local landfill, but call or visit its website for more details first. You might need a sticker or pass to use the landfill. Also, expect to pay a fee based on the weight of what you are disposing. Because cinder blocks are heavy, you might want to consider another option.


2. Donate Them to a Charity

Call a local mission or charity that builds or improves homes. Habitat for Humanity, for example, might be glad to accept a donation of used cinder blocks, provided they are not damaged.

3. Give Them Away Online

Post online on websites such as Facebook marketplace, Freecycle, the Pennysaver, or Craigslist that you have used cinder blocks to give away. Be sure to note the town you live in, whether you will deliver the blocks or they're for pick-up only, how many you have and the blocks condition.


4. Take Them to a Recycling Center That Accepts Concrete

Take your cinder blocks to a recycling center or business that accepts concrete. To locate one, visit, type in "concrete" and your zip code in the search boxes and click "Search." Call the center or business before hauling your cinder blocks there to verify it will accept them and if it charges for the service.


5. Hire a Junk Hauler

Contact a junk hauling business that you find on Google or a reliable home contractor search site. For a fee, they likely will pick up concrete cinder blocks regardless of condition.

6. Upcycle Them

If you're having trouble getting rid of your old cinder blocks, consider upcycling them into something useful for your home. You could, for example, turn them into planters, create a garden wall, or use them as the base of some industrial-looking outdoor furniture. The possibilities are only as limitless as your imagination.



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