How to Refill a Roundup Pump 'N Go Sprayer

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Weeds wait for no one and continue growing to create a mess of your garden beds whether you've had time to get in the garden and deal with them or not. The Roundup Pump 'N Go sprayer is a breeze to use with its ready-to-use formula, and when the original container is empty, you can easily fill it again with a refill. When it comes to refilling the sprayer, the steps for adding more herbicide to the original container are simple, and you'll soon be ready to continue killing the unwanted growth.


How to Use a Roundup Refill

The Roundup Pump 'N Go sprayer uses the nonselective herbicide glyphosate to kill any unwanted weeds or grass down to the root. It can also kill or damage desirable plants if the product gets on them. The container treats a 400-square-foot area. The herbicide is rainproof in 10 minutes, and you can start seeing the results on the targeted plants in around three hours, although it might take one to two weeks for complete death.


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The product is safe to use in your flower beds and vegetable gardens and around fence lines, trees, and hardscape areas. Once the Roundup pump sprayer is empty, you can reuse it by refilling it with the ready-to-use Roundup refill.

  1. Wait to use the herbicide if outdoor conditions are cold or windy or if rain is forecast. The product doesn't work as well when temperatures are cold, and windy conditions can cause the herbicide to drift onto desirable plants.
  2. Refill the Roundup Pump 'N Go sprayer by first pushing the handle down as far as it will go and turning it in a counterclockwise direction until locked.
  3. Continue turning the container's handle in a counterclockwise direction until the container's lid starts turning and unscrewing.
  4. Remove the container's lid once it's completely unscrewed and then remove the pump from the container.
  5. Pour the refill into the original container, taking care not to overfill it. Leave enough room in the container so that the pump can be reinserted without the herbicide overflowing and so there is enough space for the pump to build pressure.
  6. Reinsert the pump and screw the lid back on the container. The Roundup Pump 'N Go sprayer is now ready to tackle the unwanted growth.
  7. Wear safety gear when using Roundup, including a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, closed-toe shoes, and protective glasses. Don't use it around bodies of water. Children and pets can reenter the area once the herbicide completely dries. Wash your hands after refilling and using the product.



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