Where Is the Kenmore Coldspot Water Filter Located?

The Kenmore Coldspot refrigerator is a refrigerator with fairly typical features, such as adjustable temperature controls, slide-out shelving, humidity controlled crisper, egg bin, wine rack, meat drawer and freezer bins and shelves. The refrigerator also has a built-in water filtration system that is connected to the water and ice dispenser. Users will want to locate the water filter in order to replace the water filter regularly.

Replace the water filter every 6 months on average.

Refrigerator Compartment

In many Kenmore Coldspot refrigerators, the water filter is located in the upper part of the refrigerator near the corner. To change the filter in this location, turn the filter cartridge 1/4 spin counterclockwise. The word "Install" will line up with an indicator on the filter mounting. Pull down firmly on the water filter to remove it from the refrigerator and then discard the filter. Remove any packaging from the new filter, including the red cap, and then find the "Install" mark on the water filter. Line up the word "Install" with the mark on the filter housing and then push the filter into the housing, turning slightly clockwise until it clicks.

Bottom Front Grille

The water filter is located in the bottom front grille of the refrigerator in other Kenmore models. Locate the dial on the grille and push the "Eject" button to release the filter. Pull it straight out to remove and then turn the cap counterclockwise until it stops. Remove the cap and set it aside before discarding the filter. Remove any packaging from the new filter, including the over the O-rings on the end of the filter. Align the end cap on the new filter, lining up the ridge on the cap with the filter arrow and turning clockwise until it snaps into position. Push the new filter into the bottom front grille until the "Eject" button pops out.

Flushing the Water Filter

Once you have installed the new water filter, flush the water filter to remove any minerals, dirt or debris that may be present in the new filter. Hold a large, empty container under the water dispenser and depress the lever. Continue running water for approximately 3 to 4 minutes. Note that the water may spurt slightly at the beginning as the water runs through the filter but should resume normal flow. Stop dispensing water after 3 to 4 minutes and discard the water collected.

Replacement Filters

Purchase replacement filters through Kenmore, in many Sears department stores, online or in several home retail or appliance stores. Read the label on the old filter or look in the Kenmore Coldspot user manual for specific filter information.