DeLonghi Portable Air Conditioner Troubleshoot

A DeLonghi portable air conditioner is easily carried from one room to another to regulate room temperature. The unit comes with a remote control and features a display on the unit's control panel for easy readouts. Throughout the life of the unit, you might experience problems with airflow, strange odors or power loss at one point or another.

The DeLonghi portable air conditioner requires a window for the exhaust pipe.

Error Messages

The DeLonghi portable air conditioner displays error messages when the unit requires attention. "LT" (low temperature) is displayed when the unit must shut off to prevent ice formation on the internal coils. Following a defrost cycle, the unit starts up again automatically. "PF" (probe failure) displays to indicate that there is sensor damage. In the event of a "PF" error message, contact a DeLonghi representative for repair instructions. "FT" (full tank) appears on the display to indicate that the safety tank is full of water and needs to be emptied before the unit can operate again.

Weird Smell

When the air filter is heavily clogged, the DeLonghi might emit an odor. Clean the air filter about once every week. Lift the air filter up and out from the back of the unit. Either suck the blockage away from the filter with a vacuum cleaner or wash the filter with warm water on both sides. Blot the air filter with a towel or lay it out to dry before reinserting it back into the unit.

No Power

If the DeLonghi has no power, you can reset the connection by unplugging the unit from power outlet. Inspect the power cord to confirm there are no cuts, tears or other damage. Plug an alternate electronic device into the power outlet to make sure the power outlet works. If the alternate device fails to turn on, the outlet might be damaged or the breaker might have been tripped. Locate the breaker in question and observe the state of its switch. If the switch is "Off" or in between "Off" and "On," flip it back over to "On" and allow three minutes to pass before you turn the air conditioner back on.

Sudden Power Loss

If the DeLonghi air conditioner loses power after a short while, there might be twists or bends in the exhaust hose. Straighten the hose out as much as possible and confirm there are no kinks before turning the unit back on. If air can't be exhausted from the unit, the unit shuts off as a safety measure. Allow 30 minutes to pass before you turn the unit back on.

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