How to Find the Weight of a Mosler Safe

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Many homes and business turn to security safes to protect their valuables from fire and theft.

Mosler safes come in a variety of sizes and uses. If you plan on installing or moving one, knowing its weight will allow you to determine if the elevator that you are going to use, or the floor or wall where you are going to place it, is strong enough to hold the extra weight.



Step 1

Find the model number of the safe. Older models had the number stamped on the handle of the safe. Newer ones have a metal tag mounted somewhere on the body of the safe with the manufacturer's name and the model number. You may need a flashlight to check the sides, back, or interior of the safe. If you can't find the model number, measure the dimensions and compare them to the ones on Mosler's website.


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Step 2

A manufacturer's website can be a source for important product information.

Go to Mosler's website, located at the following address:


Step 3

Find the type and model of your safe by number or by comparing the pictures on the website to your safe. Mosler's website has a list of various styles of safes. Click the category hat describes your safe on the left side of the screen.

Step 4

Go to the box at the bottom of the new page. Find the listing for your safe model. Follow the line to the right of the model number to see its weight and dimensions.


Step 5

The weights are listed in metric unit. If you need to know the weight in pounds, convert kg to pounds by multiplying the number of kilograms (kg) by the equivalent pounds. One kilogram equals 2.20462 pounds, or 2 pound and 3.27 oz. If a safe is listed as 1406 kg, then its weight in pounds would be 17 (kg) by 2.20462 (pounds) = 3099.699 pounds or 3099 pounds and 11.19 ounces.



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