Can I Pour Rid-X Down the Bathtub Drain?

Problems with a septic system are messy and smelly situations that most homeowners would rather avoid. Repairs to the plumbing are not only overshadowed by inconvenience but typically hefty expenses. Keeping septic systems and drains in tip-top shape can be aided with the monthly regimen of a simple product.

Bath drains are suitable for Rid-X.

Product Purpose

Rid-X breaks down household wastes that can build up in septic systems. It restores a natural balance of enzymes-beneficial bacteria that can become shifted when washing extra loads of laundry or taking long showers. The waste is broken down by beneficial bacteria found in the product.

Bathtub Disposal

According to the manufacturer, Rid-X can be poured down shower or sink drains with "complete confidence." While the product comes in three forms -- gel packs, powder and liquid, with each containing the same active ingredients -- you should use powder or liquid in the bathtub drain.

Other Draining Disposal

While Rid-X is designed for use in bathroom drains and toilets, it can also be used in other types of plumbing, according to the manufacturer. It is safe to use in garbage disposals, K-57, mound systems and outhouses.


Even with regular use of Rid-X, you'll still need to have your septic tank cleaned every two to three years, depending upon a number of factors, including family size and rate of sediment buildup.

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