How to Adjust a Soft Close Toilet Seat

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Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver

  • Adjustable wrench

A toilet seat should be aligned with the bowl.
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Soft-close toilet seats are designed to lower the seat and lid quietly in a matter of seconds. While fairly maintenance-free, they may require a little adjusting from time to time. While the lowering action on most soft-close seats cannot be adjusted, it's easy to make minor adjustments to the seat hinges if they become loose and the seat comes out of alignment or starts to slide around on top of the bowl. Depending on the style of your soft-close seat, you may have to remove the seat and lid to make the adjustments.

Step 1

Study the design of your soft-close seat to determine which style you have. Look underneath the near the back of the bowl, below the hinge locations. If you see a see a wing nut or other type of retaining nut threaded onto a bolt, you can adjust the seat's position without removing the seat and lid. If not, remove the seat and lid to gain access to the hinge screws or bolts (step 3).

Step 2

Loosen each wing or retaining nut by hand or use adjustable wrench to loosen the nuts enough so you can move the seat. Adjust the seat so it is aligned with the front and sides of the bowl. Retighten the nuts, being careful not to overtighten them.

Step 3

Remove the lid and seat -- on models with concealed hinge screws -- by first lifting them until they are in their most upright positions. Depending on the style of your seat, one of two methods can be used to release the lid and seat from the hinges. If you see a release button located on the bottom center of the seat, press it. Otherwise, press both release buttons on the inside ends of the hinges. Hold the lid and seat together and pull upwards to lift them off the hinge pins.

Step 4

Take off the hinge caps to expose the hinge screws. Loosen the screws with a screwdriver just enough so you can adjust the hinges to reposition the seat. Temporarily reinstall the seat and lid by pressing them back down onto the hinge pins. Close the seat and lid, and align them with the front and sides of the bowl. Tighten the screws, remove the seat, put the hinge caps back on, and reinstall the seat and lid.


Avoid overtightening the hinge screws or retaining nuts. Plastic parts can easily strip or break, while overtightened metal hardware can crack the bowl.


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