How to Get Rid of Pilly Sheets

If you have ever noticed small little balls of fabric all over your sheets, you have experienced pilling of sheets, or pilly sheets. These tiny balls are a result of the fabric rubbing together, primarily caused from improper laundering techniques. Pilling also results from low-grade cotton used in the sheets. Removing these small balls is not an easy task, and often it is virtually impossible to totally remove all of them. It is best to prevent pilling from happening in the first place by carefully washing all types of bed sheets.

Sheets are more comfortable if they do not become pilly.

Step 1

Wash the sheets in vinegar. Avoid detergents when washing sheets, and use a gentle and shorter wash cycle. Often times, when pilling occurs, washing them in vinegar may help remove the pills. There are numerous ways to try to remove the pills from sheets and this method is more of a preventative maintenance method, however, it may work by removing some of the pills.

Step 2

Cut pills with scissors. If you are stuck with pilly sheets, lay the sheets out and pull them tight. Carefully cut the pills off with scissors. Use caution when doing this to avoid cutting the actual sheets. This is a tedious process, but it does work.

Step 3

Purchase a battery operated shaver that will remove the pills. Most drug stores now sell these inexpensive shavers. They are ideal for removing these small, unwanted balls of fabric and this method usually works a lot faster than using scissors.

Step 4

Use the sticky side of Velcro. Take a piece of Velcro and begin sticking it on and off of the pilly sheets. If you do not have Velcro, try using duct tape or another kind of sticky tape. Any type of sticky tape can help.

Step 5

Wash sheets again. After removing the pilling, rewash the sheets using the method illustrated above. Always avoid using soaps and fabric softeners when washing sheets.