How to Kill Fly Larvae in Clothes

If clothing is left damp and undisturbed, there is a chance that flies will lay their eggs in it. Within a span of days or weeks, the eggs hatch and the clothing is filled with fly larvae, also known as maggots. While seeing the maggots is startling, there is no need to throw out the clothing. Instead, kill the maggots to ensure they will not mature to trouble your home as flies.

A normal washer is hot enough to kill fly larvae.

Step 1

Gather up all the clothes in the area and place them in a plastic trash bag. Even if nearby clothing does not have larvae in them, there is the chance that they have eggs that will hatch.

Step 2

Dump the bag into the washing machine.

Step 3

Pour in an appropriate amount of laundry detergent for the load.

Step 4

Close the machine and turn it on to a hot cycle. The heat from the hot water will kill the maggots.

Step 5

Tie the plastic bag off and dispose of it, as there are likely maggots loose in it.

Step 6

Dry the clothing as you would normally.