What to Do if Bugs Get Into Your Microwave

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Keep your microwave free of unwanted critters.

Even if you take precautions to prevent bugs from entering your home, sometimes these pesky critters are able to sneak in unnoticed and wreak havoc. If bugs have found their way into your microwave, it is essential that you remove them and disinfect your microwave to prevent the spread of bacteria and diseases.


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Prep Microwave

Unplug your microwave. This prevents you from getting electrocuted while cleaning and moving around your microwave. Adorn protective rubber gloves and keep them on throughout the entire cleaning process. If you have a rotating plate in your microwave, remove it and carefully set it aside. Check behind and under the microwave for spoiled food or crumbs that may be attracting insects.

Bug Removal

If the bugs are dead, use a vacuum to remove them from inside of your microwave. If the bugs are active, non-flying bugs and there aren't many of them in the microwave, sweep them into a plastic bag, seal up the bag and dispose of them or let them outside away from your home. Bug bombs (insect foggers) may be helpful in removing the contamination, however, they may cause the bugs to hide deeper in your microwave. If used incorrectly, bug bombs cause health hazards to humans and pets, so read the label before using one. If the bug contamination problem is large and not isolated to your microwave, it is best to replace the microwave and call an exterminator.


Microwave Cleaning

Vacuum your kitchen countertops and all surfaces of the microwave. Begin cleaning your microwave with hot, soapy water. Use a soft pad scrubber or a wash cloth so you don't scratch up the sides and surfaces of your microwave, including the rotating plate and buttons. Dispose of your scrubbing pad after the microwave is completely cleaned out. Use regular household bleach to disinfect your microwave. Do not directly spray chemicals on your microwave. Instead, spray the bleach onto a cloth, then wipe. This will prevent water or chemicals from seeping into the operating controls of the microwave. Wipe your microwave completely dry and replace the rotating plate. Clean behind and under your microwave using the same method of water and soap, then bleach. Plug your microwave back in if you feel the pest problem is resolved.



Prevent bugs from getting into your microwave by maintaining a bug-free kitchen. Clean up all spills and crumbs immediately to prevent attracting bugs into your kitchen. Clean out drawers and cabinets and make sure food is completely sealed up. Install window screens if you want to open windows in your home. Remember to clean behind and under (or on top if you have an over-the-range microwave) your microwave at least once per week.