How to Clean a Ventilation System With Lysol Spray

It's fairly easy to keep a house clean. With some dusting, vacuuming and scrubbing, you can keep most of the surfaces in your house spic and span. However, your ventilation system is a different story. Frequently we forget to change the air intake filters, and having the duct work cleaned is rarely at the top of our "To Do" list. As a result, musty odors can develop in the ventilation system of your house. Lysol spray is one tool you can use to drive those odors away.

Duct work can house some musty odors.

Step 1

Have your duct work cleaned, if it has been at least two years since the last time you did it. The machinery that you would have to buy to complete this would be more expensive than the service itself, and if something ruptures in your ducts during the cleaning, you would rather not be the one responsible. While Lysol can eliminate problem odors, if your ducts have mildew in them, Lysol won't be enough.

Step 2

Turn the air handler fan on at your thermostats. You don't have to run cool air; just get the fan going to circulate air through your ducts.

Step 3

Open the air return vents and change the air filters, if you haven't done so in the last six months. You may notice a gray, fuzzy film on the filters. That's keeping air out of your system, not only costing you money by making your system work harder, but it's also keeping fresh air from circulating through your ducts.

Step 4

Lean the air filter back towards you and spray Lysol generously into the vent. Spray at least 10 pumps into each vent; do this for each air intake vent throughout your home's duct system.