List of Household Necessities

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Household necessities are items that are required to keep a home running smoothly. These items provide for basic human needs: Food, water and shelter. In addition, household essentials include items to provide comfort and safety. The items a family might consider to be necessities may vary depending upon income.


Furniture and Appliances

Couches, chairs, a kitchen table and beds are household necessities. In addition, dresser drawers, bookshelves and storage devices are also necessary. Household necessities also include table or floor lamps and light bulbs. A stove and refrigerator are household necessities because they are required for safely cooking and storing food. Other common household appliances like microwaves, televisions, computers, dishwashers and clothes washers and dryers are not considered necessities by many families, but are found in most households.


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Kitchens should house enough food and water for those living in the household. Kitchen necessities also include plates, bowls, glasses, mugs and silverware for eating and drinking. Pots, pans,skillets, can openers, serving spoons, baking dishes and serving and mixing bowls are other kitchen necessities that are required for cooking and baking in the home. Cutting boards and knives are also needed, as well as, dish towels, pot holders and kitchen cleaners. Small kitchen appliances or gadgets like toasters, coffee pots, can openers, bottle openers and blenders are also needed.


Bedding, Window Coverings and Linens

Homes require bedding for comfortable sleeping. Bedding should include sheets, blankets and comforters. Pillows and pillow cases are also needed. For the bathroom, most homes need a shower curtain and bath mat. In addition, bath towels, hand towels and washcloths are also necessary. Window blinds or curtains are also a necessity.



To keep a clean home, a vacuum cleaner and brooms with dustpans are necessary. In addition, cleaners, sponges, dishcloths, scrub brushes and paper towels are also required. A mop and mopping bucket are needed to keep floors clean. A toilet brush, laundry detergent and laundry basket are also needed.


Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene items that are necessities include toilet paper, soap and deodorant. Also included are shampoo, conditioner and a razor and shaving cream. A toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and mouthwash are also necessities. Keep a first aid kit containing bandages, first aid cream and alcohol for minor accidents.



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