Every time you turn on a faucet or spigot, the acceleration of gravity, 9.88 meters per second squared, takes over. Most home plumbing systems rely on the force of gravity to move waste water through the traps and pipes under sinks, tubs and showers and into municipal waste lines. Sometimes, however, collected detritus gets in the way of gravity and stops that waste from flowing quickly. In this situation, you might decide to use liquid Drano before calling the plumber.

It's always aggravating when a sink stops up.

Step 1

Place your palm flat on the top of the Drano cap and press down while turning the cap counterclockwise. Do not squeeze the bottle.

Step 2

Pour approximately 16 ounces -- one-half of a 32-ounce bottle -- of Drano directly into a drain that is moderately clogged or slow-running. Pour approximately 32 ounces -- a full bottle -- directly into a severely clogged drain.

Step 3

Let the Drano work 15 minutes for moderate clogs or 30 minutes for severe clogs.

Step 4

Turn on the hot water tap and flush the affected drain with hot water.

Step 5

Pour an additional 16 to 32 ounces of Drano in the drain, wait 15 to 30 minutes and flush again with hot water if the drain fails to clear. Repeat this procedure until the drain clears.

Step 6

Replace the lid on your bottle of Drano by turning the lid clockwise until it snaps.