How to Stop an Invisible Fence From Beeping

An invisible fence uses RF, or radio frequency, waves to detect when the transmitter on your dog's collar passes an invisible line in your yard. This information goes to an RF transmitter box located in your home or garage. The transmitter box starts to beep to notify you that your dog left the yard. If there is a break in the fence, the transmitter box will beep nonstop until the break is located and repaired. Since the fence line is invisible, the level of difficultly in locating the break in the fence increases.

A broken dog fence will not keep your dog from leaving the yard.

Step 1

Disconnect the wires that connect to the transmitter box by loosening the screw terminals, using a screwdriver.

Step 2

Connect the ends of the RF choke to the terminals on the transmitter box, and then wrap the wire leads you previously removed around opposite ends of the choke wire.

Step 3

Turn the transmitter up to full power. This eliminates the beeping and closes the circuit.

Step 4

Turn your portable radio to AM settings and tune in 600 mHz.

Step 5

Walk the perimeter of your invisible fence. You will hear a dull humming sound when the fence works properly. You will hear nothing when you come across a break in the fence.

Step 6

Insert a stake in the ground in the spot where you start to hear nothing, and then place a stake in the ground in the location where you start to hear noise again.

Step 7

Turn off the transmitter box. Remove the RF choke and connect the wires back to the terminals on the transmitter box.

Step 8

Dig up the area between the stakes with a spade shovel. Be careful not to damage the wire in the ground.

Step 9

Splice the broken wire together with a weatherproof wire nut and electrical tape. If the break extends over a long distance, install a splice wire between the broken wires.

Step 10

Backfill the ditch with dirt.

Step 11

Turn the power back on via the transmitter box.