How to Remove Concrete From Your Hands

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Completely cover your skin before working with concrete.
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If you're skilled enough to work with concrete, then you probably equipped yourself with tight-fitting gloves to prevent the cement from making contact with your skin. Still, accidents happen. Concrete may look thick and harmless, but it can burn your skin and result in blisters, itching, redness, scaling and swelling. It can even cause your skin to turn green or black. To prevent these maladies, it's wise to learn how to remove concrete from your hands without delay.


Step 1

Run your hands under a steady stream of cool tap water. Rub your hands together lightly and let the water dissolve and remove the cement.

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Step 2

Clean your hands with a pH-neutral soap. Rinse your hands again with cool water.

Step 3

Pour some white vinegar over your hands and rub them together. Repeat the step to allow the vinegar to help neutralize the effects of cement on the skin.


Step 4

Let your hands air-dry. Do not use lanolin or other skin softeners, which can bond cement residue to your skin. Allow your skin several days to heal – and continue to wash them thoroughly in the meantime – before applying any ultra-healing moisturizer.

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