Can Washing Machines Kill Fleas?

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If you find that your pet has fleas, it can cause a sense of unease and might even make your skin crawl. You will want to wash any clothing, bedding, pet bedding, blankets, and area rugs to eliminate the fleas and prevent them from multiplying. To get rid of fleas in your house, you'll also need to thoroughly wash your pets, vacuum, and deep clean carpets and the like as part of a multi-prong approach to rid your home of fleas and keep them from coming back. Fortunately, washing machines and dryers can kill fleas.


Hot Water Helps

When washing any clothing or bedding that may have come in contact with fleas, be sure to use hot water. Wash the items at the highest temperature setting available for your machine if it will not damage your belongings. Read any tags to see if hot water will negatively affect the items. The motion of the washing machine will also aid in dislodging the fleas and killing them.


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Use Dish Soap for a Boost

Adding liquid dish soap can help rid your belongings of fleas. Dish soap is a great home remedy for flea elimination without using harsh chemicals. Fleas are survivors and can stay afloat in the water in the washing machine. Liquid dish soaps can break the surface tension and assist in sinking and ultimately drowning and killing the fleas so that your clothes and linens are free of them.


Add Bleach if Possible

If you are able to add chlorine bleach to the items and it will not damage them, this is a helpful flea-busting tool. Chlorine bleach is a powerful disinfectant and can assist in exterminating the fleas in the wash. This can help eliminate flea eggs.


If you are washing colored linens or other items that would be damaged by bleach, use an antimicrobial detergent. Put fewer items in the washer and avoid overloading it. This will allow for a more effective washing and drying.

Place All Items in the Dryer

Be sure to use the highest heat setting that your dryer has available as long as it matches the materials you are drying and will not damage the items. The heat of the dryer along with the chaotic movement with help kill the fleas. Do not place flea-infested items in the dryer without first washing them. Washing and drying are both important steps in eliminating fleas.



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