How to Charge a Scissor Lift

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Heavy use of a scissor lift will require more frequent charging.
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The convenience of using a scissor lift has been appreciated by many. The security and ease of working from the basket of a lift compared to working off the rung of a ladder and the safety risks that are involved make the scissor lift the easy choice when working from heights. Most scissor lifts are powered by batteries internally mounted in the base of the lift. These batteries need to be charged from time to time due to use or even from extended periods without use. Charging the batteries is a simple task that can be done without specialized tools, equipment or heavy labor.

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Step 1

Park the scissor lift in a well ventilated area near an electrical outlet.

Step 2

Press the emergency shut-off switch to prevent another operator from unknowingly driving away while the lift is plugged in. The emergency shut off switch is the large red button located near the charger or the control box inside the basket of the lift.

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Step 3

Locate the battery charger on the base of the lift on the right side. Older models will often have the charger mounted in the rear of the lift.

Step 4

Plug the charger into the AC extension cord and plug the extension cord into an electrical outlet. The length of the electrical cord on the battery charger is short to prevent accidental damage by being run over in the event that the excess length were to drop out of the battery charger storage area while in use.

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Step 5

Confirm the lights on the charger illuminate. Older models will have a meter that displays voltage rather than lights. The charger will automatically begin charging the batteries within the scissor lift. The lights will turn green when the batteries are fully charged. The charger will automatically shut off. On older models with a meter, the charger will automatically shut off and the meter will read zero volts when fully charged.


It is possible to operate the lift while it is being charged. Pull the red emergency shut off button out and have an assistant guide the AC extension cord away from the wheels while moving. Then raise and lower the lift as usual.


Be sure to use a grounded electrical power source when charging the batteries. Check for damage to the battery charger power cord prior to plugging it in.