How to Clean Heavy Grease With Vinegar

Grease is common on kitchen surfaces, especially stove tops, ovens and stove hoods. Cooking and baking oily foods without regularly cleaning susceptible kitchen surfaces allows heavy grease to accumulate over time. Grease solidifies and hardens as it sets, making it harder to clean. Besides its repulsive appearance, heavy grease buildup can attract insects. Although numerous chemical grease-cutting products are available, simple white vinegar can eliminate heavy grease from kitchen surfaces. White vinegar contains natural acids that cut through grease without leaving behind chemical residue.

Unlike commercial grease-cutting products, vinegar contains no chemicals.

Step 1

Saturate a dishcloth with full-strength undiluted white vinegar. Wipe the vinegar-soaked dishcloth over the greasy surface, such as a stove top, oven or stove hood wall. Let the full-strength vinegar permeate the grease buildup for 15 minutes.

Step 2

Scrub the vinegar-soaked surface with a nylon scouring sponge to loosen the softened grease. Clean off as much grease buildup as possible.

Step 3

Dampen another dishcloth with water. Wipe the loosened greasy buildup off the affected surface with the dishcloth.

Step 4

Inspect the affected surface for grease. If some heavy grease buildup lingers, mix 1 cup of full-strength vinegar with 1/4 cup of powdered laundry soap in a bowl.

Step 5

Spread the homemade paste liberally over the grease residue using a plastic spatula. Leave the paste to dry for an hour.

Step 6

Scrape the dried paste and grease residue off the surface using the spatula.

Step 7

Dampen a third dishcloth with water. Wipe the loosened paste and grease off the affected surface with the dishcloth.

Step 8

Dry the damp surface with a towel.