How to Adjust K-Rain Sprinkler Heads

K-Rain sprinkler systems come with simple adjustment methods to ensure your lawn gets the right amount of coverage without wasting water. Adjust each sprinkler head before you start your warm-weather watering pattern so all zones in your yard get water without soaking one area while allowing another to dry out. Many adjustments call for K-Rain's K-key tool, but you can use a small flat-head screwdriver if you can't find the tool. Make most adjustments while the water is off, turning it on to test the spray and back off again for major modifications.

garden sprinkler on the green lawn
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Overlapping the sprays results in even coverage across the entire yard.

Changing the Start Position

When you want a sprinkler head to turn a full 360 degrees, there's no need to change the start position. You should do this only when you don't want to waste water on a certain area, such as the side of a building. To pull the sprinkler head out of the ground, push the K-key into the keyhole on the top of the head; turn it a quarter turn, and use it as a handle to lift the sprinkler head. Grab the lower riser assembly, which is the section immediately below the top nozzle section. After finding the nozzle arrow on the top of the sprinkler head, turn the assembly until the arrow points where you want the spray to start.

Adjusting the Rotation

Changing where the spray starts doesn't restrict it to a certain area; by default, K-Rain sprinklers spin all the way around. To set a new stop position, push the K-key into the arc selection slot in the center of the sprinkler top. Turn the key until the slot's arrow points to the correct stopping point, noted on the sprinkler in degrees. K-Rain sprinkler heads can turn between 40 and 360 degrees.

Setting the Spray Distance

K-Rain sprinkler heads have interchangeable nozzles shaped with different angles to alter the distance of the spray. Ideally, the spray from one sprinkler head should overlap the spray area of all adjacent sprinkler heads. The spray should travel far enough to touch the adjacent sprinkler heads. To change the nozzle and adjust the spray distance, remove the nozzle retention screw with the K-key. The screw sits inside the arrow showing the nozzle's position on the top of the sprinkler head. Pull the sprinkler head out of the ground with the K-key by sliding it in the key slot and turning it a quarter turn. Pressing the K-key behind the prongs on the nozzle gives you the leverage to pry it out. Push the new nozzle in with the prongs pointing up, and then reinstall the nozzle retention screw.

Setting the Sprinkler With the Water On

Although you might get a little wet, you can make some minor adjustments to K-Rain sprinkler heads while they are spraying water. For small adjustments to the spray distance, loosen or tighten the nozzle retention screw with the K-key until the distance meets your needs. To change how far around the sprinkler head turns, turn the top nozzle section, called the turret, to the right until it stops. Turn it all the way to the left, which should place the nozzle at its starting position. With the K-key, turn the arc selection slot and arrow to the new setting. Make sure you keep the settings between 30 and 360 degrees to avoid damage to the sprinkler head.