How to Remove an Onion Odor on Plastic

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Vinegar helps to neutralize odors.

Plastic containers often absorb odors from the objects left inside them. This is especially true for the pungent aroma of onion. A plastic container used to store a food product containing onions may have a lingering scent even after washing it with soap and water. You can remove onion odors from plastic containers by utilizing some inexpensive household products.


Step 1

Sprinkle the bottom of the container with baking soda.

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Step 2

Fill the container half full of white vinegar.

Step 3

Fill the container the rest of the way with hot water and let it soak for several hours.


Step 4

Soak the container's lid in a solution of equal parts hot water and white vinegar and 1 tbsp. of baking soda. Do this for several hours as well.

Step 5

Wash the container and lid in hot, soapy water.

Step 6

Rinse the container and lid in clean water and dry thoroughly before storing.



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