How to Clear a Fault Code on Onan Generator

Onan generators provide portable electricity solutions for home owners and professionals. From time to time a generator will break down and as a result, will feed an error code to the user. This code is the generator's way of self-diagnosing and labelling the problem. This makes repairing the issue much easier, by eliminating the time involved in searching for the cause. Once the problem has been fixed, it may be necessary to clear the fault code.

A generator uses a gasoline motor to create electricity for portable use.

Step 1

Locate the primer button on the generator. It is located on the side of the unit, below the gas tank. This also acts as the start and stop button for the generator.

Step 2

Hold the primer button down for at least 30 seconds.

Step 3

Release the button and start the generator.

Step 4

Allow the generator to run for 15 minutes, to ensure that the code has cleared. If the code still exists, the generator may be in need of further repair. Contact your local Onan service dealer.

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