How to Move My Air Conditioning Unit Four Feet

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Not all air conditioning units are located in convenient places.
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You may wish to move your air conditioning unit for a number of reasons. It may be too close to your home and too noisy, or it may be placed on ground that is eroding. Although most of the work can be done on your own when moving your AC unit, you will have to call a licensed HVAC technician to discharge and recharge your system before and after it has been moved. Do not attempt to do those portions on your own, as toxic chemicals are involved.


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Step 1

Contact a local, licensed HVAC technician and ask him to discharge your unit. This process will involve removing all of the refrigerant from your AC system.

Step 2

Locate the copper refrigerant intake and output lines.

Step 3

Cut the lines using copper tubing cutters.


Step 4

Locate electrical signal wires that are connected to your HVAC unit. These are the wires that connect your thermostat to your unit; their number will depend on your AC configuration. Cut the wires.

Step 5

Move your AC unit to your new location. The unit is heavy; you will need assistance to move it. You may have to use a moving dolly.


Step 6

Extend copper tubing from the old location to the new location using your copper wire and the appropriate connectors.

Step 7

Weld the connectors into place with the appropriate copper filler.

Step 8

Weld the end of the tubing to your system in the appropriate ports.


Step 9

Use a soldering iron to join your old electrical wires to the location of the new system.

Step 10

Contact your local HVAC technician. He will inspect your work and use a Helium test to ensure that there are not leaks within your newly welded system. He will recharge your system with refrigerants. Your HVAC technician must be present the first time you turn on your HVAC system.


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