How Tell If Lavender Plants Are Dead

Lavender plants are identifiable from their purple flowers that grow atop long, thin stems. These flowers are well known for their sweet fragrance, which is why they are used in candles and air fresheners. The lavender plant grows between 8 and 24 inches tall. During the winter, the flowers die off and the plant lies dormant until the following spring. Check your lavender plant to tell if it is just in a dormant period or if it is dead.

Lavender plants are perennials and can live up to six years.

Step 1

Inspect the stems of the lavender plant to see if any part of it is green. If there is visible green, the lavender plant is not dead. If no green is observable, your plant is not necessarily dead.

Step 2

Follow one of the stems that appears to be dead to the base of the plant with your hand and scratch the stem with your fingernail. Make sure to scratch the stem deep enough to see its color.

Step 3

Observe the area of the stem that you scratched. A lavender plant that is still alive will reveal a green or white color, while a dead plant has a hollow or brown stem.