What Is the Difference Between Bisque & Biscuit Color in Major Appliances?

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Both bisque and biscuit fall into the neutral palette of appliance colors.

Appliance color trends ebb and flow. While avocado and turquoise appliances are now a distant memory, most appliance manufacturers offer a range of neutral and decorator colors. The neutral color palette and color names differ with each manufacturer.


Several manufacturers offer kitchen appliances in bisque. GE, Kenmore and Maytag offer bisque appliances that vary ever so slightly in hue. The color is a very pale neutral that could be considered a variation of white or off-white.


Viking and Whirlpool offer major kitchen appliances in biscuit. The color is slightly darker than bisque, leaning toward more pale gray to pale tan tones than the off-white quality of the bisque. However, the color is not as dark as the once-popular almond appliance color.


You can find a variety of ranges, ovens, refrigerators and dishwashers in both bisque and biscuit. For continuity of color, it is best to select appliances from the same manufacturer.


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