How to Remove Elfa Drawer Frames

Elfa drawer frames have two upper and two lower connecting crossbars that hold the frame sides together. The upper L-connectors snap into the top ends of the frame sides and the bottom T-connectors snap into the bottom of the frame sides. The connectors have plastic-like tabs that press into the connecting holes in the frame sides. These plastic-like tabs have to be tapped into the holes for a snug fit. Removal also requires tapping, but not much. Once the drawers are removed from the frame, disassembly should only take a few minutes.

The metal design of Elfa drawers gives you a practical piece of furniture.

Step 1

Remove the drawers from the drawer frame.

Step 2

Hold the frame down and hit the underside of the L-connectors with a rubber mallet. Hit close to the ends of the connectors where they go into the drawer frames. Remove both connectors in this fashion. You may have to tap a little on one side and then tap a little on the other side to keep the ends from binding in the drawer frame holes.

Step 3

Flip the frame upside down and tap out the T-connectors with the mallet. Once these connectors come loose, the task is complete.