How to Wax Laminate Wood Floors

Laminate wood floors are similar to hardwood floors, but they have a protective coating that prevents stains when spills occur. This makes them ideal for rooms like kitchens, where spills may be a regular occurrence. Though laminate wood floors do have this shiny coating, they can still dull over time and with continued usage. Unlike regular wood floors, wood floors with laminate coating shouldn't be traditionally waxed. Instead, when the floors start to lose luster, you can get use an appropriate cleaner to get that "waxed" look.

Laminate wood floors don't have the same surface feel of traditional hardwood.

Step 1

Remove all dust and debris from the surface of the laminate wood flooring with a broom or a vacuum cleaner. If you use a broom, push the dirt toward a doorway and brush the dirt outside where possible, or use a dustpan to collect the dirt and dispose of it. If using a vacuum, turn the unit to its "Bare Floor" setting, and use the hose attachments to reach into all corners and hard to reach spots.

Step 2

Wet a mop and wring it out until it just moist. Go over the laminate flooring area, one small section at a time, and check the mop regularly. Whenever it appears dirty, rinse the mop under running water and wring it out before continuing.

Step 3

Let the floor dry. Depending on the humidity in the room, this could take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour.

Step 4

Apply any laminate flooring cleaner to the floor's surface, following the directions on the packaging to get the proper amounts of cleaner. If the packaging says to dilute the cleaner, add the amount of recommended water to create the solution.

Step 5

Buff the floor by hand. Electric floor buffers are not recommended for laminate wood floors. To get your floors to shine, start in one area of the floor and rub the flooring cleaner into the flooring using small, circular motions. When the floor cleaner is no longer wet on the surface, and the floor has a waxy appearance, move onto the next section.

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