How to Avoid Tire Marks on Concrete Driveways

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Heated tires can leave marks on your driveway.

The tire marks you find on your concrete driveway are actually a result of a material within the rubber tires known as polymer compound getting heated up. When they heat up they are more likely to leave those tire marks across your concrete driveway. These marks, once left behind, can be tough to remove, so the best thing to do is to avoid getting tire marks on your concrete driveway in the first place.


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Step 1

Change the tires on your car to a lower quality, harder tire. Lower quality tires are harder because they contain fewer polymer compounds, which will result in fewer tire marks, if any.

Step 2

Use a different type of sealer on your driveway. A high-solids acrylic sealer, a highly cross-linked polyurethane sealer or an epoxy sealer are less likely to allow tire marks to form on the concrete driveway.


Step 3

Park your car on the road after you've been driving it. Allow the tires to cool down and then move it into your driveway. As long as the tires don't get hot, they will not leave behind marks.