How to Dispose of a Mattress in Denver, Colorado

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Many municipalities offer scheduled large-item pickups through the year. Denver is one such place, where, for no additional fee, you can leave furniture on the curb on designated dates for disposal. Denver Solid Waste Management collects furniture in your neighborhood every nine weeks. As an alternative, consider recycling your mattress through Colorado Recycling Services.


Step 1

Find out when the next large-item pickup week is in your neighborhood. Call 3-1-1 from within the Denver area or 720-913-1311 from other locations.

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Step 2

Place your mattress on the curb on the scheduled pickup week by 7am. If you have a trash barrel or city workers collect your trash manually, move the mattress outside on your regular trash-collection day that week. If you use a dumpster that serves the area where you live, take your mattress out on the Monday of the large-item pickup week. Verify the mattress is not blocking the street, sidewalk or the dumpster.


Step 3

Recycle your mattress through Colorado Recycling Services. Drop off the mattress at its facility and pay $8, or arrange for employees to pick it up from your address for a $25 fee. Call 303-942-1918 to schedule the pick-up. The company donates $1 to Boys and Girls Clubs for every mattress it recycles.

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Denver Zip Codes

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