Cat D5 Dozer Specs

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Caterpillar is an American international company that specializes in industrial and farming equipment, including tractors, bulldozers and wheel loaders. The company started in 1925, and it is headquartered in Peoria, Illinois. One of its products is the Caterpillar D5 Crawler Tractor, which is a type of bulldozer. A bulldozer comes with a wide metal plate that you can use to push material around. Buy Caterpillar equipment from authorized dealers, or rent one for a period time.


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The Caterpillar D5 Crawler Tractor features a Caterpillar 3306, 105-hp engine. The engine displacement of this engine is 640.7 cubic inches, and engine displacement refers to the total capacity that the pistons can move through the cylinders in one push. The bulldozer has a power-shift transmission with three forward and three reverse gears. It moves up to 6.3 mph going forward and up to 7.6 mph going backward.


The total width over tracks is 7 feet 7 inches wide, and the height of the machine from the ground to the top of the cab is 9 feet 1 inch. The total ground clearance is 9 inches, and the track gauge is 6 feet 2 inches. The track gauge is the length between the inner sides of the two rails. The shoe size (track width) is 1 foot 3 inches, and the length of the track on the ground is 7 feet 3 inches. The total length of the machine including the blade is 15 feet 1 inch long. The width of a standard blade is 10 feet 3 inches.



The Caterpillar D5 Crawler Tractor exerts up to 9.2 lb. per square inch of pressure on the ground, and the total ground contact area is 2,790 inches squared. The total number of track rollers per side is six, and the track roller looks like little wheels that move the track shoe.

Operating Specs

The engine uses natural aspiration, and this means that the engine uses atmospheric pressure to counteract the induction tract's partial vacuum. The operating weight of this bulldozer is 25,794.1 lb., and the operating weight is the total weight of the machine plus a full tank of gas and the average weight of a person. The fuel tank holds up to 65 gallons. The color of this machine is yellow.


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