The Minimum Height of Electrical Meters

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Outdoor electric meters should be installed in weatherproof housing.

Electrical meters are supplied by the utility company. While the National Electric Code (NEC) has not specified a minimum, ideal and maximum height for electrical meter boxes, the utility company does. While utility companies may differ, most agree that the center of the meter box should be between four feet and six feet above the ground.

Minimum Height

The minimum height required for an electric meter box is four feet from the bottom of the meter to the ground level. The center of the meter box should be above the four feet mark.

Ideal Height

The ideal height of an electrical meter is five feet from the ground to the center of the box. This height is agreed upon by most utility companies. While some companies specify a different maximum height for a meter, they mostly agree on an ideal height of five feet.

Maximum Height

The maximum height for an electric meter is six feet from the ground to the center of the box. In some cases, there will be an electric meter in the street installed higher than six feet; that is because the utility company does not want anyone to tap into the top of the meter and steal electricity. For home installation, the maximum height allowed is six feet to the center of the box.