How to Get Static Cling From 100% Polyester

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Things You'll Need

  • Spray bottle

  • Metal hanger

  • Lotion

  • Dryer sheets

  • White vinegar

Polyester creates static electricity when it rubs up against another piece of synthetic material or another material with an opposite charge. There are several ways to reduce the static cling. Choose a method that best suits your needs and the type of polyester material.


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Step 1

Mist the polyester with water from a spray bottle. Static cling happens most in dry conditions. Misting the polyester will keep it from clinging. The polyester will dry eventually, however, and may begin to cling again.

Step 2

Run a metal hanger over the surface of the polyester. This will ground the fabric and remove the charge to prevent cling.


Step 3

Rub lotion over the parts of your body that are coming into direct contact with the polyester. This will create a neutral barrier that will discourage cling.

Step 4

Place a dryer sheet in your dryer with the polyester. Dryer sheets leave a layer of film on the polyester that will discourage cling.


Step 5

Add ΒΌ cup white vinegar to the washing machine when washing polyester. This will neutralize the static electricity.

Step 6

Air dry the polyester after washing it. Air drying will reduce the friction that causes static cling and will also result is clothes that are not bone dry. Very dry clothes tend to have more static cling.