How to Mount a TV on a Cement Block Wall

Mounting a TV to a wall opens the room by removing the need for an entertainment cabinet. The most important aspect of mounting the TV to the wall is to ensure the device has ample support. Wall studs offer good support and are easy to locate. However, a block wall with cement mortar is arguably the most stable surface available to mount a TV. Cement anchors and the mounting bracket are sufficient to provide years of stability.

Flat-screen TVs are built to rest on a stand or be mounted to the wall.

Step 1

Cut a piece of cardboard to the rough dimensions of the television with scissors. Hold the cardboard cutout against the wall to determine where precisely you want the TV mounted. Mark the area around the cutout with a pencil.

Step 2

Hold the mounting bracket against the wall within the borders of the marks made in Step 1. Position the bracket so the screw holes line up the mortar joints between the blocks as close to the center of the marks as possible. Mark all the screw holes that line up with the mortar joints with a pencil. Four screws minimum are necessary to provide proper support.

Step 3

Drill out pilot holes for the cement anchor screws with the hammer drill and masonry drill bit. The drill bit is included with the purchase of the anchor screws.

Step 4

Position the mounting bracket against the wall and lined up with the pilot holes. Hand-thread the anchor screws into the holes to support the bracket. Drive the anchors into the wall with the drill and screwdriver attachment.

Step 5

Mount the TV to the bracket following instructions included with the TV.

John Walker

John Walker started a writing career with technical manuals in the Army in 1995. He continued writing manuals and standards of operating procedures for various employers specializing in information technology, office products, auto mechanics and home repair. He graduated with a degree in Global Business Management in 2010.