Homeowners find weeds a problem even in non-fertile surfaces such as sand. Sand weeds can grow between pavers and in other areas of the yard. The weeds are typically hardier varieties that require only water to thrive, since the sand provides few nutrients. You can kill weeds growing in the sand with basic chemicals but you will have to repeat the process since new weed seeds will most likely sprout in the future.

Weeds in sand are hardier than other species.

Step 1

Put on a pair of gardening gloves and grasp the larger weeds as close to the ground as possible. Pull the weeds straight up out of the ground. They should pull free easily since sand does not provide a stable base for roots.

Step 2

Spray the remaining weeds in the sandy area with an herbicide that is labeled as killing weeds on contact. Spray the herbicide directly on the weeds until the stems and leaves are completely saturated.

Step 3

Wait for the amount of time specified on the herbicide bottle, which varies from overnight to around one week. Examine the sandy area to see if the weeds are completely brown. Pull up and discard all brown weeds and reapply the herbicide to any that still have green coloring on them.

Step 4

Wait until the following spring and apply an herbicide labeled as a preventative. Spray the sandy area thoroughly with the solution to kill any remaining weed seeds that are still in the sand.