How to Separate Bunk Beds

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Bunk beds can create two regular single beds.

Bunk beds are an excellent option for kids who have to share a room. They take up less floor space than two separate beds and are fun for children to sleep and play on. At some point, you may decide to split the kids up or decide that they are not responsible enough to handle climbing the ladder or sleeping and playing in an elevated bunk. Some bunk beds are designed to be separated, and this can be accomplished with a few basic tools.


Step 1

Consult the paperwork that came with your bunk bed to ensure that they can be separated safely.

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Step 2

Remove the mattress from the top bunk. Lift the mattress over the edge of the safety bars on the most convenient and reachable side of the bed. Carefully stand it up on its side and prop it against a wall away from your work area.


Step 3

Remove the ladder. It might be screwed or bolted into frame at the edge of the top bunk and at several points along the frame, or it might be hooked over the slats and feature a security bolt. Unscrew all of the bolts or screws before removing the ladder.

Step 4

Unscrew and remove any bolts or slides holding the stacked beds in place. These are usually located along the bed posts, where the bottom of the top bunk meets the top of the bottom bunk. If the top and bottom bunks meet at any other point besides the posts, check for bolts and slides there as well.


Step 5

Lift the top bunk carefully off the bottom bunk at each corner. Pull the bed away from any surrounding walls and ask a helper to stand at one end and lift. Lift upward until the posts come loose, and move both ends simultaneously to the floor.

Step 6

Check the bottom of the bedposts, and remove any dowels or other pieces that may be sticking out of the bottom before placing the bed on the floor.


Step 7

Remove the bed rails from the top bunk, and replace the mattress.

Step 8

Remove any dowels, screws, hinges or other hardware that connected the bunks. Store in a safe place.

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