How to Glue Leather to Metal

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Certain adhesives can be used to glue leather to metal.

Attaching a leather surface to a metal surface can be tricky due to the physical differences between materials. Luckily there are a few types of adhesive that can be used to do the job. Special superglue-style adhesives provide enough adhesive power to hold the surfaces securely together, while shellacs and cements provide less adhesive power but may be better for more delicate jobs. With the right adhesive your leather to metal glue job will be a cinch.


Step 1

Identify the type of glue that is appropriate for your glue job. There are two primary options that you may choose from. You can use a super glue-style product such as Future Glue or Household Goop if permanent, sturdy adhesion is your goal. These products can be used on any leather or metal surface, including surfaces that are rough or unclean.

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If you are interested in the physical appearance of your glue job, or if you may need to remove the bond at some point, then you can use a cement glue. Rubber cement can be used to affix leather to metal and is easily water soluble. Shellac-based glue also provides a secure adhesion and can be removed using an alcohol solution.


Step 2

Scrub your metal surface with steel wool or sandpaper. Doing so will fend off rust and provide a greater surface area for the adhesive to settle into.

Step 3

Apply your chosen adhesive to both the leather surface and the metal surface.

Step 4

Press and hold the leather and metal surfaces together. This must be done immediately if you are using a quick-dry super glue product to avoid the glue drying out.


Step 5

Hold the two surfaces together until a strong bond is formed. The bond will be formed quickly with super glue and rubber cement. If you are using a shellac glue, you'll need to allow for about 72 hours of drying before adhesion is complete.



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