How to Shampoo With a Rainbow Vacuum

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If you already have a Rainbow vacuum, you can easily transform it into a carpet shampooer with just a few extra attachments. Known as the Rainbow AquaMate, this deep-cleaning carpet care system allows you to lift dirt and grime out of carpet fibers.

How to Shampoo With a Rainbow Vacuum
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Step 1: Prep the Carpet

Use the Rainbow vacuum to collect all loose dust, dirt and debris from the carpet. This will allow the cleaning solution to quickly target tough grease and grime embedded deep within the carpet pile.


Step 2: Transfer the Rainbow Wand from the Vacuum Head

The vacuum head plugs into the stainless steel wand. Unplug this cord from the wand and disconnect the wand from the vacuum head. Then, align the pins in the wand with the pins in the AquaMate attachment, pushing the two together until the wand locks into place. Plug the AquaMate into the wand.


Step 3: Fill the Water Reservoir and Soap Dispenser

On top of the AquaMate attachment, you'll find the plastic water reservoir and soap dispenser. Flip it over and unscrew the lids on each section. Fill the larger compartment with water. In the smaller compartment, add a capful of Rainbow carpet shampoo, then fill it the rest of the way with water to dilute the solution. Replace the caps and align them on the AquaMate to replace the water reservoir.


Step 4: Familiarize Yourself With the Operating Icons

There are three cleaning phases on the Rainbow AquaMate. Toggle between them using the lever on the back of the AquaMate attachment. The phases are Shampoo (soap bubbles), Rinse (a water droplet) and Extract (squiggly lines). Make sure the lever is on the shampoo icon and then turn the machine on.


Step 5: Prime the AquaMate

When first using the AquaMate, the shampoo may not dispense right away. Squeeze the trigger on the handle several times in a row until shampoo squirts out. It can take up to 20 seconds of squeezing the trigger on and off to prime the AquaMate.

Step 6: Shampoo

Use the trigger on the handle to begin dispensing the shampoo as you slowly maneuver the AquaMate forward and backward over the carpet.


Step 7: Rinse

Now, set the lever to the Rinse position. Squeeze the trigger to dispense water onto the carpet in the areas you already shampooed.

Step 8: Extract

The squiggly lines on the AquaMate represent the Extract phase. Set the lever to this icon. The machine will begin to pull excess water from the carpet. Push and pull the AquaMate over the carpet until water stops being visibly pulled into the machine. You can monitor water intake thanks to the clear cover on the attachment.


Step 9: Empty the Water Basin and Reservoir

In the main body of the Rainbow vacuum, the dirty water will collect in the water basin. Dump this water down the drain, rinse the basin thoroughly and allow it to dry before storing the machine. Although the water in the reservoir is clean, it's a good idea to dump both compartments after use and to always start with fresh soap and water next time.


Step 10: Aftercare

The carpet may still feel damp after using the AquaMate. Let it dry for several hours before putting anything on top of the carpet. Routinely remove dirt and debris with the Rainbow vacuum between deep-cleaning sessions.


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