How to Shampoo With a Rainbow Vacuum

Rainbow vacuum cleaners are based upon the premise that a water-based filtration system will effectively clean dirt, debris and particles from carpet and floor surfaces. Most Rainbow vacuums feature variable speed control, adjustable power nozzle and HEPA filter. Users can shampoo their carpet using Rainbow brand carpet shampoo solution with the Rainbow vacuum "AquaMate" attachment. Vacuum the carpet with the Rainbow vacuum prior to using the carpet shampoo attachment.


Step 1

Remove the "AquaMate" water tank from the Rainbow vacuum and fill with clean lukewarm tap water until at least half full.

Step 2

Set the "AquaMate" water tank back on the Rainbow vacuum. Place the Rainbow vacuum water tank on top of the "AquaMate" water tank and latch into position.

Step 3

Fill the "AquaMate" bottle with Rainbow brand carpet shampoo and attach to the handle. Remove the metal wand from the attachment hose by pulling the wand out. Connect the clear tube from the "AquaMate" handle to the vacuum head and connect the attachment hose to the Rainbow vacuum.

Step 4

Connect the double clear tubes to the bottom of the "AquaMate" tank. Connect the power cord above the hose and to a working power supply.

Step 5

Turn the power switch to "On" and turn the knob on the handle to the bubble image to begin shampooing the carpet. Set the vacuum head on the carpet and squeeze the cleaning trigger to dispense the carpet shampoo. Move the vacuum back and forth over the wet area repeatedly without pressing the cleaner trigger.

Step 6

Turn the knob to the image with the bubble crossed out when shampooing is complete. Squeeze the trigger to dispense water on the carpet and push the vacuum in a back and forth motion over it. Repeat over the same section without squeezing the trigger. Continue over the entire area to be rinsed.

Step 7

Allow several hours for the carpet to dry thoroughly. Placing a fan near the carpet area and opening windows and doors can speed the drying process.