How to Measure a Range for the Kitchen

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A new, properly fitted range will improve your kitchen aesthetic.
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A kitchen range is among the most important appliances in your home. Its top burners cook foods in pots and pans; its oven bakes or broils foods. Gas and electric ranges come in different sizes and types to meet different consumer needs. The main types are freestanding units, with finished sides, and slide-in units, with open sides. Standard models range from 20 inches across to 40 inches.

Important Dimensions

Image Credit: Dan DiSorbo/DemandMedia

When shopping for a new range, you want a match between the dimensions of your existing or remodeled kitchen range space and the dimensions of your new range. The important dimensions for matching a range to a range space are the height of the range space from the floor to the top surface of the countertop, the width of the range space from left side to right side, and the depth of the range space from the front edge of the countertop to the back wall.

Measuring New Range

Image Credit: Dan DiSorbo/DemandMedia

When measuring a new range, measure from the floor to the top of the cooking surface, the distance between the left edge and right edge, and the depth from the front edge of the cooktop to the back edge of the range. Don't include front knobs or handles in the depth measurement or the backsplash/control panel in the height measurement of the appliance itself. However, you may want to know the additional handle/knob depth or the backsplash height when fitting the unit to your kitchen space.


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