How to Make a Dull Porcelain Bath Tub Shine

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Things You'll Need

  • Gentle tub cleaner

  • Mild abrasive cleaner such as Bon Ami

  • Sponge

  • White vinegar

  • Soft cloth

Take special care to keep a porcelain tub from becoming lackluster.

Antique porcelain bathtubs are beautiful, but are easily stained and can become dull. Bring the life back to your tub with just a few simple steps. Porcelain tubs may require a bit more maintenance than today's newer bathtubs, but when properly taken care of, the old tubs can be a lovely addition to your home. Be careful not to use anything too abrasive on the porcelain or it could be scratched permanently.

Step 1

Inspect the bathtub to see how badly it is stained. If it just needs to be cleaned, use a gentle all-purpose bathtub cleaner. For a stained bathtub, use something a little stronger that won't harm the tub, such as Bon Ami cleanser. Scrub the tub with a sponge and rinse it clean.

Step 2

Polish the tub to a shine by using vinegar. Vinegar is all natural, won't harm your tub. Put several cups of vinegar into the tub and fill it up with hot water. Let the vinegar and water soak in the bathtub for a few hours then gently scrub any stains with a sponge. Rinse the tub with cold water.

Step 3

Dry the tub using a soft cloth, which will dry and polish the tub at the same time. The vinegar will enable the shine of your porcelain to really come through. Never allow a porcelain tub to air dry or it could leave behind water stains. Dry the tub thoroughly and enjoy the look of your newly clean and shiny porcelain bathtub.


Clean a badly stained porcelain tub using oven cleaner. However, this could be harmful to colored porcelain so do not use it on that type of tub.


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