How to Use Sevin Dust on Tomato Plants

Sevin dust is one of the brand names of an insecticide labeled for use on tomatoes and other crops, and also for dusting the coats of farm animals afflicted with pests. The active chemical in it is carbaryl. It kills tomato armyworms, fruitworms, hornworms and stinkbugs, as well as bugs that attack other vegetables. This is a toxic powder; wear a mask, gloves and goggles when handling it.

Sevin dust kills stinkbugs and other tomato pests.

Step 1

Select a Sevin dust formula that comes in a shaker can ready for use in the home garden.

Step 2

Check the weather outside for windy conditions. Postpone Sevin dust application whenever you expect a breezy day.

Step 3

Dust your tomato plants prior to harvest as needed. Coat both the top and bottom of all leaves with a thin layer of Sevin dust. One manufacturer recommends following the rate of ½ lb. of dust per 1,000 square feet of tomato plants as a guideline for how much is safe to use.