How to Remove Paint From Wool Fabric

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Remove spilled paint from wool fabric with common household items.

Wet paint on wool fabric is easy to remove. Wool naturally repels water and oil, so simply wipe the spot with a baby wipe or damp cloth to remove. Paint that has already dried on wool fabric will require a more intensive removal technique. Do not put a wool garment or wool fabric in the washing machine to remove the paint, it won't work and it will ruin your wool.


Step 1

Fill a plastic cup with warm water and tuck the paint-stained portion of fabric inside. Let the fabric soak for five minutes, then remove.

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Step 2

Spread the fabric on a flat work surface and slide the edge of the plastic paint scraper under the paint. gently lift the paint away. Pull away as much of the paint as possible. Latex paints should lift right off, but oil-base paints may cling to the fabric. Don't force the paint if it is still securely attached.


Step 3

Spray the remaining paint with hairspray. Spray enough to completely saturate the area, then wait for 15 minutes. Spray with hairspray again and then use the toothbrush to gently scrub away the paint.

Step 4

Apply a solvent-based cleaner to the paint if any remains. Most paint stains will be gone by this point, so only resort to using a solvent cleaner if you have to.


Step 5

Saturate the soft cloth with wool soak and dab the fabric to clean away any remaining residue. Let the wool dry and repeat the cleaning steps if necessary to remove any lingering paint.



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