How to Clean Blue Stains From Stainless Steel

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You can clean your stainless steel in your kitchen.
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Stainless steel appliances and cookware are extremely popular due to their versatile and clean appearance. They give a sleek finish to any kitchen and are usually easy to clean when they get dirty or greasy. However, over time they may develop a rainbow or blue hue that was not there when you first started using them. You may think that your stainless steel items are becoming used due to wear and tear, but the good news is that they can be restored to their former glory with a quick deep clean.


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Reasons Behind the Discoloration

The reason behind why your stainless steel is developing a blue or rainbow tint is rather simple. Stainless steel is made of different components, and one of those components is chromium. The chromium is included in the creation of stainless steel to avoid rusting or corrosion over time. However, the downside to using chromium is that when it is heated to extremely high temperatures, it will leave a different colored surface behind.


Cleaning Stainless Steel

The good news about this new color on your stainless steel is that it is easy to get rid of. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to clean the surface, then look no further than regular white vinegar. Dilute some vinegar in water and use a nonabrasive cloth or sponge to rub down the surface that has been affected. It should not take much time or effort, and the surface should return to its former shiny state right away.


If you wish to use a designated stainless steel cleaner, The Maids recommends reading the directions before applying the product to any surface. Use it first on a small area of the stainless steel item to make sure that your stainless steel does not have a negative reaction to the product. To obtain the best result, remember to clean your stainless steel by rubbing with the grain of the steel.

OxiClean Stainless Steel Cleaner

OxiClean has many uses in the laundry room and around the home due to its strong cleaning potential. It is an impeccable stain remover when used properly, however, do not assume that it is safe to use on all surfaces. The power behind OxiClean is that it is partially made of active oxygen bleach, and this bleach could potentially damage your stainless steel surfaces. While OxiClean has a large variety of products, it does not have a designated OxiClean stainless steel cleaner. There are many different OxiClean uses, but it is best to avoid applying it on stainless steel.


Using bleach on stainless steel or any product that has traces of bleach may lead to stains and irreparable damage on your stainless steel surfaces. Make sure to read the label of any cleaning products you wish to use on your items to ensure they are bleach-free. Any abrasive cleaning mediums should be set aside when dealing with stainless steel because it will leave spots, stains or scratches on the surface that cannot be removed.


You should also never use steel wool on your stainless steel surfaces because it will deeply scratch the surface, making any future stains impossible to remove. Using steel wool can also make your appliance or cookware susceptible to rust.


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