How do I Install a Fireplace Thermostat?

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Thermostats help you control your electric fireplace.

Electric fireplaces have all the glow and comfort of traditional fireplaces, and a bonus. Owners don't have to deal with the mess and inconvenience of supplying firewood. An added feature is the ability to control the amount of heat the fireplace gives off. Thermostatic control manages this comfort level device and helps to control energy expense. To increase your level of control and comfort, install a programmable fireplace thermostat to replace your current thermostat.


Step 1

Refer to the fireplace owner's manual to check the voltage of your current thermostat. Electric fireplaces already have a pre-installed thermostat. Match your replacement thermostat to the fireplace's original thermostat, since incompatible thermostats will cause other operational issues and could prove unsafe.

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Step 2

Cheaper thermostats' erratic performance may rob you of fireplace comfort.

Visit your local home improvement or hardware store and purchase a thermostat, based on the manual recommendation. Don't buy according to cost, but compare features among the medium-priced programmable thermostats to maximize energy savings and minimize upfront costs.


Step 3

Turn off the fireplace's power at the main power control panel. Flip the breaker switch firmly to off, making sure it is off. When you remove the original thermostat cover, check the wires with a voltmeter to verify the power is off.

Step 4

Voltmeters will confirm the absence of electrical current.

Remove the thermostat cover to expose the electrical wiring. Touch one wire with one voltmeter probe and the other wire with the other voltmeter probe, making sure there is no current. Unattach the wires connected to the old thermostat's terminals.


Step 5

Mark or label each wire as you remove them, so you correctly wire the new thermostat. Lay aside the old thermostat, and review the new thermostat's instructions. Pay special attention to the wiring schematic, confirming each wire and location, before wiring it into the box.

Step 6

Replace any wire nuts you remove with new ones.

Follow the step-by-step instructions that came with your new thermostat to wire it correctly. Tighten the terminals securely to ensure good connections. Replace any old wire nuts you remove with new ones, if you had to tie off excessive wire.


Step 7

Flip the breaker back on, and test the thermostat by raising the temperature 10 degrees and checking the fireplace's response. If the unit responds correctly, replace the cover plate; you are finished.

Step 8

Turn the breaker back off, if the unit doesn't respond. Review the manual instructions, making sure you followed them. Check your wiring and connections, tightening each again. Retest the fireplace's response. Return the unit if it continues to malfunction.

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