How to Ventilate a Saeco Coffee Machine

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Make sure to regularly clean your coffee machine.
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If you're someone who values a super high-quality espresso, a Saeco coffee machine might be the gadget for you. According to Saeco, the Italian brand values a "bean to cup" ethos with an authentic flavor. They produce machines for large public locations, professional coffee makers and personal machines for use in the home or a small office.

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But to make sure you're getting the very best out of your Saeco coffee machine, you'll need to keep it clean. According to Miele, you can decalcify and ventilate any coffee machine at home to keep it working in tip-top condition.

Saeco Coffee Machine Pros and Cons

Many praise the quality of the coffee a Saeco machine produces. It creates a bean to cup coffee very quickly and is comparatively quite affordable too. Saeco machines also produce very hot coffee, which is a huge benefit to some. The Saeco machines are compact and quite aesthetically appealing. The customer service of Saeco is also of high quality in case anything goes wrong after purchase.

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The main drawback customers point out about Saeco machines is their need for maintenance. They require quite a lot of cleaning and need to be thoroughly washed out daily. On top of that, Saeco machines need to be fully ventilated around once a month if they're in daily use.

Saeco Coffee Machine Troubleshooting

If you've noticed a decline in the quality of your coffee, or are finding your machine is not working as well as it usually does, according to Pure Bean.), you may need to ventilate your Saeco. Many Saeco coffee machines also have a "ventilate" light which will come on when ventilation is needed. This cleans out the boiler unit and removes any excess coffee grounds or debris. It also removes any trapped air. Not only will it make sure you're getting the best quality cup of coffee, but ventilating also helps protect your machine.

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How to Ventilate Saeco

You first need to plug in and switch on your Saeco. If the "ventilate" light is on, you know it's time to perform this maintenance task. Check that the water tank on the back left of your Saeco is full. Place a coffee cup underneath the part of the machine where the hot water comes out.

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Push the button for hot water and let the boiling water fill your coffee cup. Once your cup is full, dump the boiling water out. Turn your machine off and back on again to see if the "ventilate" message is still there. If it is, you need to repeat the process until it goes away. This will ensure the hot water tube is cleared of air bubbles, plus remove any potential debris that could cause clogging. Running a ventilate check will also help to decalcify any mineral buildup. Even if the "ventilate" message isn't showing, it's worth running boiling water through your Saeco at least once a month to keep it clear and clean. It should improve the taste of your coffee and help make sure the machine is running as smoothly as possible.