How to Ventilate a Saeco Coffee Machine

Saeco manufactures a line of high-end coffee and espresso machines for home and commercial use. The coffee machines have a built-in LED panel to display various status messages and to alert the owner to perform necessary maintenance. Part of the regular maintenance of a Saeco machine is ventilation, which cleans out the boiler unit and removes coffee residue. The process involves running boiling water through the unit.

Brew a better cup of coffee by ventilating your Saeco machine.

Step 1

Turn on the Saeco coffee machine by pressing the "On/Off" button on the front control panel. If the LED display on the front of the Saeco shows the message "Ventilate" you'll need to perform this routine maintenance.

Step 2

Place a cup under the "Steam/Hot Water" nozzle on the front of the Saeco.

Step 3

Pour hot water into the reservoir on top of the Saeco and pull the lever over the Steam/Hot Water nozzle to run the water through the boiler into the cup.

Step 4

Release the lever and empty the cup when it is full. Continue running hot water through the machine into a cup until the "Ventilate" messages disappears on the LED screen.

James Clark

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