What Are the Standard Sizes for Glass Sliding Patio Doors?

A typical sliding glass patio door consists of one fixed glass panel and one sliding panel. Very wide sliding patio doors have a fixed glass panel on each side of the sliding panel. These sliding patio doors allow sunlight to enter your home while providing convenient access to the outdoors. Sliding glass patio doors come in several standard heights and widths, but some door manufacturers can also fabricate custom sizes.

Lake and balcony view through patio doors
credit: Michael Green/iStock/Getty Images
A sliding patio door can bring together the inside and outside.

Standard Sizes

Standard two-panel sliding glass patio doors come in total widths of 60 inches (5 feet), 72 inches (6 feet) and 96 inches (8 feet). Some makers offer three-panel sliding doors that are 108 inches (9 feet) in total width, and 144 inches (12 feet) in total width. The most common height for sliding glass patio doors is 80 inches (6 feet 8 inches) tall, but some manufacturers offer doors that are 82 inches (6 feet 10 inches) tall and 96 inches (8 feet) tall.