How to Replace an Oven Light on a Maytag

The light bulb inside your Maytag oven doesn't really help you cook better or turn your meals into five course masterpieces that would be the envy of any executive chef. The oven continues to work whether or not the light bulb is working or burned out. The bulb inside your Maytag oven does give you the convenience of monitoring your meal in the light without the need to pull your food from the oven to check it. Replace your burned-out Maytag oven light with the correct bulb to continue to watch your meals in the light while they cook


Step 1

Disconnect the electricity your Maytag electric or gas wall oven or range. Turn off the 30- or 40-amp double-pole breaker inside the main breaker panel to disconnect the wall oven. Turn off the 40- or 50-amp double-pole breaker in the panel to disconnect the range. Turn off the 15-amp single-pole breaker that operates the electronics and lights on both the Maytag gas wall oven and range.

Step 2

Open the Maytag oven door on both the range and the wall oven. Allow the oven to cool before attempting to change the bulb. Grab the edge of the flat glass cover with your fingers and pull the glass from the wall oven to expose the halogen bulb in your wall oven. Grab the glass bulb cover with your fingers and twist it counter-clockwise to remove the glass from inside the range oven, exposing the incandescent appliance bulb in your range oven.

Step 3

Grab the bi-pin, low-voltage halogen bulb with your fingertips and pull the bulb directly from the socket inside the wall oven. Twist the incandescent appliance bulb counter-clockwise to remove it from the socket inside the range oven.

Step 4

Wrap the replacement 12-volt, 5 watt, bi-pin replacement halogen light bulb in tissue to protect it. The oils from your fingers can create black spots on a halogen bulb and possibly shorten the bulb's life. Insert the bulb pins into the socket, pushing the bulb until it seats firmly in the wall oven light socket. Insert the replacement 40-watt incandescent appliance bulb into the socket and rotate it clockwise until it no longer turns.

Step 5

Snap the bulb cover into the wall oven to cover the halogen bulb. Turn the glass bulb cover clockwise to replace the cover over the incandescent bulb inside the range oven.

Step 6

Turn the breakers on inside the main breaker panel to reconnect the electricity to the Maytag wall or range oven.