How Do I Troubleshoot a Dimplex Electric Fireplace?

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Cozying up next to your Dimplex electric fireplace is the perfect way to spend a lazy day. While an electric fireplace is easy to use, you might also face your fireplace not working correctly due to a range of issues. If you still have your Dimplex owner's manual, look for the troubleshooting section for model-specific issues or do general Dimplex troubleshooting to identify and correct the problem or decide if it's time to call a professional.


Short Running Cycles

If your Dimplex fireplace keeps turning off, try resetting it by shutting it off with the main power switch. Turn it back on after five minutes or longer. If it continues shutting off, it could be a ventilation issue. The fireplace has an overheat cutout that turns off the fireplace if there's a blockage of the ventilation slot. Make sure the slots are open.


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Some models have air filters. They occasionally need to be replaced or cleaned to keep the fireplace working correctly. If your model has an air filter, check it to see if it's dirty. The fireplace might shut off if it's clogged.

Power Source Issues

Your Dimplex fireplace relies on a steady supply of electricity to work correctly. Power source issues can be some of the easiest to fix. If the lights in the room dim when you run your Dimplex fireplace, it could be drawing too much power for that circuit breaker, which affects everything on the circuit. Having a dedicated breaker for the fireplace eliminates this competition for power.


Loose wiring in the fireplace can also cause power issues. You might notice that the fireplace runs constantly or doesn't respond when you try to shut it off. Frozen flames, dim flames, and no heat are other possible signs of loose wiring. If there's a short in the wiring, it could trip the circuit breaker frequently.

Inconsistent Flames in the Fireplace

The flames in a Dimplex fireplace should be smooth and constant with a consistent flicker. If the flame seems jumpy or inconsistent, there could be an issue. The flame motor could be to blame. It could be time for a new motor, or the flicker rod may no longer be connected to the flicker motor shaft.


Unusual Fireplace Noises

Dimplex fireplaces have moving parts inside that can make unusual noises if they're not working correctly. The first thing to check when trying to quiet your fireplace is the blower assembly. Shut off the fan only to see if the noise stops. If it does, the fan may be dirty, or you may need to have the blower assembly replaced.


If the noise continues, you could be dealing with a flicker rod issue. The rod turns and can rub against other parts while it moves, creating a rubbing or sweeping sound. This can happen if the rod isn't connected correctly to the fireplace flicker motor. Another possible source of unusual sounds is a bad flicker motor, which needs to be replaced.

Unresponsive Fireplace Remote

Low or dead batteries can be the problem if the fireplace remote won't work. If fresh batteries don't work, it could be due to interference from another remote or radio frequency disturbances from other items. Ensure you're pointing the remote at the front of the fireplace. If none of these tips help, you might need to replace the remote.


Contacting Dimplex Customer Support

If your troubleshooting doesn't fix the issue, you can contact Dimplex customer support online. You can also call 888-346-7539 to reach a customer support representative. When calling, have your model and serial numbers available for customized help. There's a label on every product with this information. You can also call a local technician to diagnose and repair issues with your Dimplex electric fireplace.



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