How to Clean Septic Tank Lateral Lines

The septic tank is a vital part of the septic system. Its function is to separate the solid waste and keep it out of the drain field or cesspool. Regular maintenance will enhance the performance of the system and lengthen the life of it. Maintenance and cleaning should be completed every one to three years depending on usage.

You'll probably need a shovel to locate the septic cover and baffles.

Step 1

Locate the septic tank lid.

Step 2

Dig down to the septic tank lid and to the front and rear baffles covers. The baffles are usually located two feet behind the main lid and two feet in front of the lid.

Step 3

Remove the septic tank lid and the baffle covers.

Step 4

Remove scum and sludge from around the inlet and outlet pipes that are located within the baffles.

Step 5

Have the septic tank pumped.

Step 6

Push a running garden hose through the outlet and inlet pipes with a back-and-forth motion. Make sure the water is turned on to its highest pressure in order for it to effectively clean a coating of scum from the inside of the pipes.

Step 7

Remove the garden hose after flushing each pipe.

Step 8

Replace the baffle covers and septic tank lid, and be certain that all of the lids are securely in place without any gaps.

Step 9

Backfill the dirt on top of the septic tank.

Step 10

Mark the lid and covers for future use.