Directions for a Farberware Superfast Coffee Maker

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It is easy to use an electric coffee maker.
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If you have a Farberware Superfast coffee maker, it's likely that you enjoy delicious coffee prepared quickly most of the time. Farberware explains in its product listing that the coffee maker can prepare one cup of coffee per minute, which is sure to make it a favorite. The appliance is popular and well-rated, with fairly simple instructions for operation. Like many percolators, you will need to have a working outlet, coffee grounds and cold water to ensure your appliance works properly.


Important Safety Considerations

Whenever you use your Farberware coffee machine, it's essential that you follow some basic safety tips. Never use the machine when the cord is wet, as doing so could lead to electrocution. In addition, if you notice any damage to the cord, including splits or fraying, you should not proceed with using the coffee machine. Instead, you should contact the manufacturer for assistance or to arrange a repair or replacement.


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Do as much of the coffee preparation process with the machine unplugged. This will help to limit your risk during the brewing process. Checking filters, water reservoirs, power to the outlet and other mechanical elements of the process regularly to avoid downtime can be achieved without the Farberware machine being powered on. General maintenance, like descaling by running white vinegar through the machine, is also a good idea.


Farberware Automatic Percolator

To start using the machine, you will need to first verify it is unplugged. Then, close the spout on the front of the machine. Turn the cover to the left while pressing down on its tabs. This will give you access to the inner chamber, where you add water.


Add fresh, cold water that corresponds to the number of cups of coffee you would like to brew. Then, add ground coffee to the machine. You should also dampen the bottom of the filter basket. Without water and coffee in the machine and if the lids to these compartments are not properly closed, the machine will not turn on.

Next, replace the cover on the machine and turn it to the right until the tabs lock. Plug in the machine. You will know that the coffee maker is working properly if the indicator light turns on. Next, wait until the light next to the spigot is lit up. Once this happens, you can open it and pour out your coffee. When the Farberware percolator has cooled, remember to rinse the coffee grounds basket with water and mild detergent after each use.


Quick Farberware Coffee Maker Troubleshooting

Other common issues that you can troubleshoot on your own include power issues at the outlet. Test another appliance in the outlet you use for your percolator to be sure it is live. You can also try checking the circuit breaker to be sure it has not tripped. The Farberware Millennium coffee urn instructions offer these and other helpful troubleshooting tips.


In addition, if you do not place the cover on tightly and allow the tabs to lock on the percolator, it won't work properly. Make sure the connection is tight and that the tabs are locked. Also, if you have not added enough water, the percolator won't work properly.

Contact the Manufacturer

If your percolator won't perk or your Farberware Superfast coffee maker won't turn on, you may need to contact the manufacturer for assistance. They should be able to help you order a replacement part, if needed, or speak to any warranty you might have.



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